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7 (male!) fashion influencers in Charlotte to follow on Instagram

Courtesy of William Wilson
Courtesy of William Wilson

Men: If your female friends forced you to read through all the trendy local female fashion influencers we mentioned (guilty!), it’s your turn to share outfit inspiration. We’ve rounded up local men blending street style, vintage looks and modern tailoring to up your date-night gear.

(1) Luke Calvin

Luke, the photographer behind Urban Biography, blends classic looks with urban style for a unique take on modern fashion.

Follow him for: a mix of fashion and classic photography

His inspiration: “My style inspiration is vintage workwear. I have an affection for the aging process. When I see denim with repairs and patches, it makes me want to wear mine more often.”

His fashion advice: “Be quality over quantity. Calculate your price per wear. One pair of well-made $200 jeans worn every day is actually cheaper than owning and replacing multiple less expensive pairs year after year.”

(2) Tyrus Dorsey

Tyrus has an eye for taking eccentric pieces with a vintage feel and pairing them with modern favorites.

Follow him for: modern style with a vintage twist

His inspiration: “My style inspiration is the product of the ‘70s with a mix of today’s style. I just know how to put it together … I can’t really say anybody inspired me because I put it together.”

His fashion advice: “Be yourself. Wear what you want to wear. Always make sure the colors add up. Don’t do too much. Be your own stylist. Be confident. You could inspire someone.”

(3) Patrick Riser

Trainer and fitness enthusiast Patrick knows what to wear for any occasion, blending gym-chic and date night attire with the always-classic denim jacket.

Follow him for: outerwear inspiration

His inspiration: “My style inspiration spawns from a lot of celebrities/NBA players. I really enjoy an overall aesthetic outfit and clothing that is somewhat out of the norm. I’ve used this inspiration to somewhat create my own style.”

His fashion advice: “My main advice when it comes to fashion is to dress appropriately in a manner that helps represent yourself.  If you want to dress different that most people do, even if that means you will get off looks, (trust me, I get them sometimes) just go for it. Create your own unique style, even if it does mean getting inspiration from others but putting your own twist on it.”

(4) Chad Whittington

A post shared by Chad Whittington (@chadisrad) on Jan 1, 2019 at 10:45pm PST

Bored by the idea of traditional Southern style, Chad blends vintage pieces with urban street wear for photo-worthy looks. Check out his blog for the details.

Follow him for: classic looks with urban flair

His inspiration: “My style inspiration is taking the classic dapper gent and mixing that with the modern streetstyle dominating the runways of today. Mixing modern and vintage has always been what I’ve focused on, sort of a shop cheap, look rich kinda feel.”

His fashion advice: “My style advice is simply this: wear what you like. Push some personal boundaries to surprise yourself and others and always, always become good friends with your tailor.”

(5) Noah Williams

Look no further for outfit-of-the-day inspiration. Noah mixes American style and British tailoring for a well-curated feed, featuring an outfit complete right down to the accessories.

Follow him for: an outfit outfit of the day with a blend of British + American style

His inspiration: “A mix of modern American prep and classic British tailoring. I love classic American prep brand such as Ralph Lauren with a modern twist.”

His fashion advice: “Keep it simple and focus on fit. Invest in tailoring; you can make a $500 suit look better than a $2,000 suit with the right tailoring.”

(6) William Wilson

Former NASCAR champion and current owner of William Wilson Clothing, William designs clothing for red carpet events, celebrities, and professional sporting events.

Follow him for: well-tailored suits for the dapper gentleman

His inspiration: “My style is inspired by the classic gentleman. Smooth, sexy, brash but slightly understated with a dash of renaissance man. I like clean lines, proper fit and the proper amount of attitude to fit the occasion. When I envision a look, I picture the wearer as a superhero. An institution. Someone to be reckoned with. A stone cold businessman with a heart for charity.”

His fashion advice: “My advice? Hire a professional. Not every look is for everybody. Just because it’s popular doesn’t mean it’s for you. It’s a competitive market out there and the last thing you want to do is start off already behind because of your wardrobe. You don’t have to spend a ton of money. If you get with the right clothier (like me for instance) he will maximize your wardrobe, while minimizing the strain on your wallet. Your look sets the ton for success, both personally and professionally. Enlist the help of professionals.”


(7) Cam Newton

Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam is applauded for more than just his football skills — he’s also highly-regarded for his eccentric fashion choices, making him a style icon as well as a pro sports player.

Follow him for: bold looks and tailored suits

Responses were lightly edited for brevity and clarity.