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Plot twist: Amos’ Southend will reopen next year. Is Charlotte getting its soul back?

Photo by T. Ortega Gaines/Charlotte Observer
Amos' Southend closed in 2016 and is now reopened.
Photo by T. Ortega Gaines/Charlotte Observer Amos' Southend closed in 2016 and is now reopened.

After live music venue Amos’ Southend closed its doors in 2017, we never expected to see an update on their Facebook page. But to throw us a shocking plot twist, the account released this statement on June 13: “We are coming back!!! Yes Amos will be re-opening. Details to come soon!!!”


The statement got 2.4K likes and more than 1,000 shares. Comments ranged from constructive (“Bring some metal in there”) to relieved (“Thank god. Maybe all these great tours will stop skipping Charlotte again.”) to exuberant (“Yes!!! Yes!!! Yes!!! My life has been so empty without Amos’. Amos’ is the Supreme being of Music venues in Charlotte.”).

And then, my personal favorite: “Bring Hanson back!”

We could all use a little Mmmbop. (Please take a moment to re-watch the music video.)

When Amos’ first announced its closing in 2016, CharlotteFive was a little cynical. We made the announcement: “Amos’ Southend to close in 2017 because all cool things in Charlotte must die.”

The venue had a final show scheduled for March 4, 2017, and C5 writer Corey Inscoe pointed out that “apparently nothing cool can survive in the land of beige apartment buildings.”

South End has been undergoing a transformation thanks to development projects like the RailYard and the Dimensional Fund Advisors’ headquarters.

At the time, owner John Ellison made the statement: “The expansion of the business and retail corridor in South End is presenting many new challenges to successfully run a music venue and I feel we will not be able to continue to operate efficiently and properly serve our customers moving forward.”

Amos’ had been around for a good chunk of time. It opened as a bar and bistro in Park Road Shopping Center from 1990-98 before reopening as a music hall in 2000 in South End. Before it closed, seemingly for good, music venues like the Chop Shop in NoDa and Tremont Music Hall in South End had closed, and the Double Door Inn in Elizabeth was scheduled to be torn down.

So… is Charlotte getting its soul back now?

Ellison told Creative Loafing that, hopefully by January 2019, Amos’ Southend will open again in a smaller portion of its previous South End space. That address (1423 S Tryon St.) is currently inhabited by the relocated Gin Mill, Ellison’s bar and restaurant concept. Amos’ will fit in the back area.

According to Creative Loafing, the reopened Amos’ will have a smaller capacity of 750 (the first space could hold 1,300 people).

There may not be as many big acts as before, either. But the music is coming back.