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Introducing the CharlotteFive Book Club. Up first: ‘The Fifth Avenue Artists Society’ by Joy Callaway

I love a good club. There’s something exciting about being part of a group that all shares a common interest.

To harness that excitement, we at CharlotteFive started a good old-fashioned book club and, in support of all things local, have partnered with Park Road Books to discover works by local authors.

Park Road Books — if you haven’t been — is one of the few locally/independently-owned bookstores left around. It’s refreshing. It’s not like drowning in Barnes & Noble where you have to hit a set of escalators just to get to the actual books. Park Road Books is small, intimate, and filled with all the character you’d find in a NYC bookstore.

For March, we are reading “The Fifth Avenue Artists Society” by Joy Callaway. Callaway lives in Charlotte with her husband and two children, and writes primarily historical women’s fiction. Her debut novel is set in The Bronx in 1891 and follows a family seeking high society but cloaked in dark secrets.


Callaway’s book was inspired by her own lineage, stories revealed through conversations with her grandmother and fictional speculation as to what may have happened with the lesser-known members of her family. Callaway’s work strives to capture that excitement and entrancement she found when learning of her ancestry, and she translates it into a fictional account of what life may have looked like for them at the turn of the 20th century.

Park Road Books makes it possible for us to connect with local writers and authors, and as a special treat for C5 readers it’s offering 20 percent off our book club book each month.

There’s something special about going into an actual bookstore to pick up a book instead of waiting for Amazon to deliver it, and something even more special in holding a hard copy and flipping pages instead of swiping them on a tablet.

Now, this is a virtual book club, but we encourage you to read along with us and maybe even gather a group of friends (or strangers) for an in-person book club meeting at the end of the month. You can also tell us what you think about the book using the hashtag #CLT5BookClub.

Join us as we support Joy Callaway as our local author this month and stay tuned in the months to come to see what author we’re reading next!

Photos: Courtesy of HarperCollins Publishers