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Did you know there’s a rock star living in NoDa?

Adam Lazzara, 34, is lead vocalist for Taking Back Sunday. With the release of their 2000 album, “Tell All Your Friends,” they crossed the line from a local New York band to international headliner. Then in 2006, they gained even more footing with “Louder Now” when it landed at #2 on The Billboard 200, and album sales hit 900,000.


In 2008 and in the midst of this fame, Adam and his wife, Misha, moved to Charlotte.

Adam shatters the rock star stereotype. He is unassuming and quiet, and on most days he walks his 6-year-old son to school.


Sitting outside Smelly Cat, Adam talked about himself and Charlotte.

Why Charlotte?

It is just far enough away from my parents. (He chuckles.)

I always said I would never move back to North Carolina. I grew up in High Point and after I moved away, I felt like I was leaving that smaller-town mindset. Now that I am back, I just love it here. I think it’s funny how that works out.

When we had our first son, we wanted to be close to family. There is a good family support system in place for Misha when I am away.

What is one myth about being a rock star?

The whole idea of it. At the end of the day, I just have a cool job. I am fortunate and I really care about what I do. We are just lucky to still be able to do it.

Have you been recognized in Charlotte?

It’s happened a few times. Since the band is based in New York, people don’t expect to run into us here. There’s been a few rare times, when I am walking around and people will stop and look at me funny. I am not sure if they recognize me for the band stuff or (if) they are just being strange.

How do you support the local music scene?

There’s this band from Charlotte called Junior Astronomers. They are really great.

It is harder to go now with the kids, but we go to the Fillmore, Neighborhood Theatre and the Evening Muse for singer/songwriters.

Where might there be an Adam Lazzara sighting?

I love that restaurant Zada Jane’s. There’s this other place on Hawthorne that we go to once a week, Sabor.

A few months ago we went to this record store on South Boulevard called Manifest. I had completely forgotten about it. We used to skip school to drive to Charlotte and go there because they had the best selection.

What does Taking Back Sunday have planned for 2016?

We will be working at a studio tucked away in Merry Oaks, Sioux Sioux Studio. We all live in different places now so when we get together to write, it is a very concentrated, focused time.


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Photos: Charlotte Observer file, Misha Lazzara