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This fan-made Carolina Panthers music video is everything

My god. Look at this.

There is so much going on here.

This video has taken off so much that the Carolina Panthers official YouTube channel even commented on the piece.


Ked laid out a simple beat for us. He’s basically saying: “I’m going to mesmerize you with my flow and lyrcism. I don’t need fancy beats or music production. Prepare to be WOWED.”

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He is — according to a Twitter profile — from Greenville, N.C., which means that he perfectly personifies how other fan bases view Panthers fans. As a North Carolina native son, I am fully embracing it. Who cares if we’re viewed as strange? We’re being ourselves and having more fun than anybody.

My 3 favorite parts

(3) His growl. This may seem a little low to you because — admittedly — this is the best growl I have ever heard from a human being. He delivers it with perfect timing that I’m pretty sure the Carolina Panthers hired him to perform the growl for their media team.

(2) That he wants the Panthers to score “a TD … or a field goal.” Like, he wants a touchdown but he will happily settle for a field goal. He states these things matter-of-factly but is sure to remind us of how solid his growl is.

But, without a doubt, my favorite part of this video is …

(1) The fact that he asks the TopCats for their digits. He literally uses the word “digits” in the song turning him from Ked Woodley into DJ K-Wood.

#KeepPounding, DJ K-Wood. I think you’re going to get a call from one of the TopCats pretty soon.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube