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5 sketches from my first nude figure drawing experience in Plaza Midwood

I went to a nude figure drawing class at a bar in Plaza Midwood. It was interesting.

If you’ve ever gone to Soul Gastrolounge, chances are you put your name in for a table, found out the wait was 7 hours and wandered around to a bar to slam some drinks before the table was ready. If you’ve walked down the stairs and peaked into the art gallery below, you were probably a bit surprised to see the bar inside – it’s called Twenty-Two.

22 bar under soul

I’d been to Twenty-Two several times before I realized they had nude figure drawing classes on Mondays. Yes, every Monday night. Nude figure drawing classes. In a bar. Or an art gallery. Both. It’s 90 minutes.

I walked into Twenty-Two 5mins early and flipped open my brand new Moleskine (recent purchase to seem like a artist). I then pulled out my phone to take a picture of the scene, pre-nude model, and my flash went off. Rough start for me.

An attractive, skinny, somewhat tatted-up woman who looked to be in her 30s came out in a robe onto a platform in the middle of the room, and removed the robe. She seemed like someone I’d see at Whole Foods, except that one wouldn’t be completely naked at Whole Foods. I immediately realized that there were 30+ people there, and all of them seem to know what was going on.

The moderator, I’ll call her that, stood up, greeted the group and announced, “Two minutes. Starting now…”

I’m no artist. As a matter of fact, I haven’t taken an art class since freshmen year of high school. That said, you’d never notice by my 5 sketches.



nude sketch plaza midwood

nude sketch plaza midwood

nude sketch plaza midwood

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 Photo: Google Maps