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Small Business: SouleJukebox helps artists reach their “mystical magical place”

Larrin Granderson, 37, started his music production company, SouleJukebox, in his shed in 2009. Granderson had a definite idea of how he wanted his business to run. He said, “I want to be the guy I was looking for when I was 18.”

Granderson is a self-taught musician and singer. He plays the trumpet, bass, piano, and he can sing and write music. Granderson said of his teenage years, “I could sing anything. I had a falsetto out of this world.”

When he could not find the support to help him in the music industry, he went to school for art and graphic design. He worked in child-care centers, college athletics and was a certified spot welder, but he came back to his childhood passion: music.

SouleJukebox moved to Area 15, a small business incubator, in 2015. Here, Granderson and three full-time staff handle the music production, social media, videography, photography and web design. Granderson said the business is growing quickly with brand-new talent and working musicians seeking them out.

He produces all genres of music from hip-hop and jazz to acoustic and soul. Le Anna Eden and the Garden Of, Lisa De Novo, Da Real Immortal and Railz the Principle are Charlotte-based bands that work with SouleJukebox.

Granderson answered C5’s questions for the Entrepreneur Series:

Why is Charlotte a good place to start a business?

Charlotte will be booming over the next five years. It is exploding with artists, more music venues and art. Right now, there is a whole underground of great artists and we would be blessed to work with them as they ascend to their mystical magical place in their careers.

Who was your biggest influence?

My mom and dad. They taught me to respect people, be truthful and try to love everyone. Sometimes it’s harder to love certain people. But allow yourself to be vulnerable enough to receive love and give love.

Photo 3 Credit SouleJukebox Entertainment Group

How do you begin each day?

I take my daughter to school. Then I get coffee. I make my way here (to SouleJukebox) and I see what I need to do or who is coming in and prepare myself. I thank God for the day. It’s a chance to do better than I did the day before.

What do you see in your future?

Five to 10 years, I see a multidimensional, multimedia company. Hopefully in a sky rise in uptown Charlotte. I used to pass the building on Graham and 6th, with the Coca-Cola bottle painted on the side – I would like to own that building.

Photo 4 Credit Charlotte Museum of History

Where do you go to chill?

I go to Fuel on Central. I go to Benny’s Pizza. I love pizza like candy bars. I go to NoDa Market, next to Amelie’s.

Photos: SouleJukebox Entertainment Group, Charlotte Museum of History

SouleJukebox: 516 E. 15th St., Unit 11C (Inside Area 15)