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Dinner for $20: Thai Taste

The first impression you get when you go into Thai Taste is that it’s small compared to some restaurant behemoths like The Cowfish.

The atmosphere is what I like to call “Asian-sorta,” which typically consists of a dragon hanging from the ceiling and perhaps some bamboo. Clearly the team’s effort isn’t being put into what’s on the walls — it’s focused on the food.


As the saying goes about “when in Rome,” I started with a Singha beer — pronounced “sing,” according to the waitress. But I still want to add the “ha” at the end.

Spring Rolls

For an appetizer, I split the vegetable spring rolls with my wife and the in-laws.

The spring rolls were crispy on the outside and full of crunchy vegetables on the inside. Thai Taste avoided the common mistake of overcooking the veggies, causing them to be soggy.

Also, I don’t know what they put in the dipping sauce, but I would eat it on cardboard.

Chicken Pad Thai

For my entree, I ordered the chicken pad thai. The waitress offered me a 1-5 spiciness scale and I went with two because I’m a wimp. But I was glad I went with the two, because it was plenty hot for me.

The portion was so big that they should have brought out another person to eat it with me.

Chefs Specials

I also tried my father-in-law’s chicken dish that was one of that day’s specials. He loves spicy food so he ordered a four on the spicy scale. It wasn’t any hotter than my two, so I didn’t feel as wimpy, but he was disappointed.

When we asked about the day’s specials, our waitress’s response was simply, “Chicken.”

If you’re looking to have your server expound on the restaurant’s newest offerings with vivid descriptions, this might not be the place for you. But I prefer eating to chatting, so I heartily recommend a visit to Thai Taste.

My tally was $10.95 for the chicken pad thai, $4.50 for the Singha and $3.95 for the vegetable spring roll for a grand total of $19.40. As always, tax and tip aren’t included.

Clayton Hanson @SnuffyMcDuffy