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3 exercises to keep your body beach ready this summer, from Lewis Fitness

We’re halfway through summer already (I can’t believe it) and all of the traveling, partying and lazy couch days might be making you miss your regular workout routine.

But, you’re in luck!

Personal trainer Preston Lewis, owner of Lewis Fitness in Dilworth, has a few quick tips to keep your core muscles in beach-ready shape as we head into the fall.

(1) Gliders

Don’t forget to pack a pair of inexpensive gliders into your luggage this summer.

Preston demonstrates below three ways you can use them to really strengthen your core.

(2) Ropes

Another cheap and seemingly archaic gym tool — the jump rope — can increase your cardio endurance and stamina.

Jump rope is perfect for those rainy summer days, or take it outdoors to get some sun before you hit the beach.  Plus, it hardly takes up any space in your beach bag.

If you can find a gym, then you can move thicker ropes to make big waves while working out your shoulders.

(3) Make the outdoors your gym

Hotel gyms can be sparse.  And visitor passes can get too expensive.

So stay outdoors and find similar equipment to use while getting some fresh air.  A park bench or low wall can be used for jump squats.

Swimming in the ocean (watch out for sharks), beach volleyball, kayaking, and any summer sport you can think of counts as a good workout for the day.

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For more tips to keep your beach body physique and make everyone on the beach swoon, follow Preston Lewis on Twitter @lewisfitness or on his gym website


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