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Let’s make the Charlotte streetcar run a thing

Last week Katie challenged the brand new Charlotte streetcar to a race. She won.

(If you missed it, here’s the video.)

After the story was published, some folks on Twitter also wanted to race the streetcar.

So let’s just make this a thing. There is now a route for the streetcar run on MapMyRun.

Here are the ground rules:

– The run starts at Charlotte Transportation Center stop that the streetcar leaves from to go on it’s route. Katie ran on the left (arena) side of the road.

– The run ends at the final stop near Presbyterian Hospital, after you turn the corner from Elizabeth onto Hawthorne.

– Katie stopped at intersections long enough to be safe, but didn’t necessarily wait for the light to change. Be safe and smart.

– The time keeps running even if you have to stop.

Now what should we call it?

The Charlotte Streetcar Challenge? Or: 


//><!--Other ideas? Let us know.//--><!

A record already broken

You’ll remember that Katie ran the route in 9 minutes and 31 seconds, beating the streetcar by about two minutes.

The day the story ran, Philip Sanford decided to also challenge the streetcar. He beat Katie’s time by about a minute, and made himself a certificate.

Can you beat that time? Track the run with MapMyRun (or your running app of choice) and send us the results on Twitter, Facebook or email.

Happy running!

Corey Inscoe @CoreyInscoe