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Cheers to the QC Summer Cocktail Tour: 5 cocktails to keep on your radar

Salut, Proost, Santé, CHEERS! A “cheers” in every language is in order for the “Cheers to the QC Summer Cocktail Tour.” The curated tour highlights Charlotte’s best handcrafted cocktails from the finest restaurants and bars in the Queen City.

It’s about time the city’s craft cocktail scene gets some shine. The craft beer trend is exploding and adding to Charlotte’s culture and we love it. But Charlotte’s culinary scene continues to evolve and cocktail offerings are expanding right along with it.

More bars, restaurants, hotels and pop-ups bring on creative mixologists flexing their artisan cocktail crafting skills.


The “Cheers to the QC Summer Cocktail Tour” is a unique tour created and curated by Tamu Curtis of Liberate Your Palate CLT, a collective of visionaries, artists and influencers engaged in curating unique experiences for cultured taste makers in the Queen City (much more to come from this fresh collective).

“Being a fan of anything creative, stylish and innovative, craft cocktails are very appealing to me,” Curtis said. “Charlotte has some very fine mixologists who are creating exquisitely crafted cocktails and are providing customers with a refreshing and luxurious experience that deserves some shine.”


How it works:

– 16 of Charlotte’s best bars and restaurants with progressive summer cocktail menus have been selected to be a part of the tour.

– You can take part in the tour by purchasing a $22 passbook from The passbook gives you access to one $5 featured cocktail at each establishment from August 1 – September 15.

– That’s 45 days to get your self-guided tour in of Charlotte’s poppin’ craft cocktail scene.


Here’s a peak at five mouthwatering cocktails featured on the tour.

– BEE’S KNEES – Uncle Val’s Botanical Gin, Honey Infused Lemonade, Lavender Simple Syrup, and Vanilla Bean Infused Sugar. (Created by Jeff Keiser, Dressler’s Restaurant Bar Manager)

– CALYPSO – Muddy River Queen Charlotte Reserve Rum, Kahlua, Strawberry Shrub, Roasted Pineapple. (Passion 8)

– SALTY DOG – Cathead Vodka, Grapefruit Pellegrino, Grapefruit Bitters and Himalayan Pink Sea Salt. (Created by bar manager Brian Lorusso at Dogwood Southern Table & Bar)

– BASIL BERRY SMASH – Vodka, Fresh Muddled Basil, Lemon Juice, House made Blackberry Syrup from local blackberries and Ginger Ale (Block & Grinder)

– PICK YOUR POISON – Tito’s Handmade Vodka, Homemade Hibiscus Syrup, Pink & Black Tea, Flamed Lemon Peel and Hibiscus Flower Garnish. (Pisces Sushi)

Use the hashtag #QCCheers to share your tour experiences across social media. Want more LYP CLT? Follow them on Twitter , Facebook and Instagram.

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