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Tips for riding the mechanical bull at Whisky River from professional bull riders

Corey and I recently trekked over to Whisky River in the EpiCentre — during the day. Why? We weren’t on a work-day bender, I promise.

//><!--Whisky River hosted a meet and greet with three professional bull riders in anticipation of the PBR Express Employment Professionals Invitational Sept. 18-19 at Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte.//--><!

So naturally we asked them for some tips on how to ride a bull — specifically the mechanical one at Whisky River.


Meet the pros

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Gage Gay, 21,  grew up in Stanley, N.C., and started riding sheep — known as “mutton busting” — when he was 4 years old. He turned pro at 18.

Josh Faircloth, 26, of Randleman, N.C., has been riding professionally for 13 years.

Billy Robinson, 35, from Galax, Va., has been riding since high school.

Tips for riding a bull – mechanical or otherwise – from the pros

(1) Stay fit and trim.

Keep on top of your workouts, but don’t bulk up too much — Robinson said the trick is to remain lean. And don’t forget to stretch!

(2) Learn balance.

Techniques for riding a real bull and riding a mechanical bull differ, Robinson said. How? On a real bull you want to lean forward, but on a mechanical bull sit up and balance.

(3) Learn to react.

You’re on a live (or robotic) animal actively trying to buck you off its back. Every ride isn’t going to be the same. Learn to go with the flow.

(4) Don’t put too much thought into it.

The minute you start to overthink what you’re doing is the minute you’re going to fall off.

(5) “Hold on, squeeze with your legs, and lean forward,” Robinson said.

Madysan vs. Corey

So who made the most of the tips? We had a competition to see who could stay on the bull longer — intern or boss?

To the video:

HUZZAH. Intern proved victorious.

I stayed on for 9.78 seconds and Corey made it 8.71 seconds. There’s something to add to the old resume

Y’all have fun now, ya-hear?

Madysan Foltz
 Madysan Foltz MadysanFoltz