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Take pause: Be inspired by 9 hidden messages scattered around Charlotte

Do you believe in signs? I’d like to. I like how you can rework them in a way that fits your circumstance. I like the way you’re meant to take pause to examine them.

I find that the more I search for signs, the more they appear. Check out my little treasure map of “hidden” messages around town. Take note, take pause.

(1) Pause: At the intersection of East 10th Street and North McDowell Street.


I believe more than I can ever prove / of the future of the human race / and the importance of illusions, / the value of great expectations. / I would like to be in the same moment / an earthworm (which I am) and / a rider to the moon (which I am).

Consider your capabilities.

(2) Pause: Near the intersection of Pecan Avenue and Central Avenue.


Take shelter … shelter from the mainstream. 

You do you. Preserve yourself from what’s said to be normal.

(3) Pause: At theDowd YMCA, 400 E. Morehead St. 


Make strides. Meet goals. 

Move forward and don’t forget to acknowledge your own progress.

(4) Pause: Behind Snug Harbor, 1228 Gordon St.


So much stupid. Smart war.

Pick your battles with care.

Note: this art dumpster has an affinity for change. Months before:

with c1 preset

Create or Perish.

The artists’ code.

(5) Pause: Near the intersection of McDonald Avenue and Park Road.


Because it is summer and the memories are just waiting to happen. 

You choose what happens before the “Because.” You choose the memories you make.

(6) Pause: Behind the Knight Theater, 430 S. Tryon St.


Follow me to the moon.

Let’s take a leap up to the unknown, shall we?

(7) Pause: On the Rhino Market patio, 1500 W. Morehead St. 


Not an exit.

Ignore the walls in your way. Look for the windows.

(8) Pause: Outside Dandelion Market, 118 W. 5th St.

unnamed (1)
 May happiness / pursue you, / catch you / often, and, / should it / lose you, / be waiting / ahead, making / a clearing / for you.

The poets know best.

(9) Pause: Near the intersection of Sharon Road and Quail Hollow Road.


Bite into life. 

Sweet or sour? You choose.

Katie Toussaint
 Katie Toussaint @katietoussaint