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Vintage is the new black: 6 things to expect at Salvaged Beauty NoDa

I feel like I’m spilling a little secret when I tell people about Salvaged Beauty NoDa. This gem of a store, owned by Joni and Joe Jenson, opened in June and has loads of vintage finds, everything from arcade machines to clothes to records to toys.

It’s across from Amelie’s and right beside Free Range Brewing. You might need to fill up on brownies and beer because you could spend hours digging through Salvaged Beauty NoDa’s spectacular collection of items from decades past.

What to expect: 

(1) Vintage toys


Welcome back to the ’70s and ’80s. Kids these days probably wouldn’t know what to do with half these toys, but anyone born before 1990 will surely smile at the sight of metal lunch boxes, Care Bears and Speak n’ Says.

(2) Old-school fashion 


Since fashion tends to cycle back around, this may be your new go-to shop for vintage finds.

(3) Promising furniture 

You just might recognize pieces from your grandparent’s house when you were growing up. While some of the furniture has already been restored, others have potential. Be sure to check out the décor and vintage dinnerware, too.

(4) Old school gaming

Salvaged Beauty has an Atari and a stack of games, along with multiple arcade games and a whole hoard of board games.



Vinyl has its own section, where you’ll find classic records from The Beatles, Michael Jackson and Bob Dylan. If you question the condition of the records, you can ask to play them there before purchasing. There are boxes and boxes of records to go through, so allow plenty of time to rummage through all of them.

(6) Extra fun! 

Not everything is vintage — you can also find jewelry, handmade soap and art prints for sale.

Ashleigh White
 Ashleigh White