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3 convenience stores we love

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As we prepare to travel many miles this holiday season, we must reflect on three convenience stores that can rock a car trip.

(1) QuikTrip

Known as QT to insiders, this chain does it right. You can tell just by looking at their Freezoni (slushy) offerings. There are like 100 flavors, from orange cream to Cheerwine, lemonade and coconut.


That might be enough, but QT is also:

– Clean and new and fairly stylish. More market than convenience store.

– Has a decent array of coffee offerings, including lattes and cappuccino. Soft pretzels are made to order.

– Impressive customer service at the register. Clerk is always using multiple registers, ringing up two or three folks all at once.  

(2) Flying J


If you are headed to or from South Carolina on I-77, the cheapest gas you’re going to find is at Exit 73’s Flying J. As of Monday, it was $2.05 for regular unleaded.  

On top of that, it sells Cinnabon.


And pajama pants.


(3) Kangaroo

There’s one reason to go here: Roo Cup.


It’s the deal of the summer. You buy the cup for about $8 and can refill it with frozen or fountain drinks for .50 cents a pop through September. It’s a must-buy. Get one for everybody in the family.

Where do you conveniently shop?

Do thank heaven for 7-Eleven? Get happy at the Circle K? If you’re from up north, maybe it’s Sheetz or Wawa. Give us one reason why you love your mini mart and we’ll add it to the list – @Charlotte_Five.


Photo: David T. Foster/Charlotte Observer