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Could West Charlotte be the city’s new South End?

That’s what some real estate developers think, as they turn their attention from the booming South Boulevard corridor to an intriguing part of the city that is close to uptown but can feel worlds away: West Charlotte. In fact, the area has even gotten its own catchy name: FreeMoreWest, after Freedom Drive and West Morehead Street.

Consider what’s underway already:

Historic West End:
Knight Foundation has kicked in $1.5 million

rhino-market charlotte nc
West Morehead: Queen City Catering

Elevation from Freedom
Freedom Drive:

Goodwill campus: The Leon Levine Opportunity Center

It will also host offices for partner agencies like Mecklenburg County Department of Social Services, Charlotte Community Health Clinic, the N.C. Division of Vocational and Rehabilitation Services and the Center for Community Transitions.

C5’s Take: Younger people moving to Charlotte aren’t interested in the far-out burbs, so the development of FreeMoreWest makes a lot of sense. What’s particularly exciting about these developments are their potential for inclusiveness – understanding that West Charlotte is home to many economically disadvantaged Charlotteans who still need affordable places to live and key services. Let’s hope this is a gentrification that works for all.