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Good news for food trucks - and some food porn for you!

The Story

Local food trucks and the city of Charlotte have sparred in recent years over rules governing where, how and when the trucks can earn a living. But new proposed regulations may ease tensions.

The old and the new

Currently: 400-foot separation between food trucks.

Proposed change: Allowing for closer quarters, including four trucks on a one-acre lot.

Currently: Food trucks can’t serve after 9 p.m.

Proposed: Can stay open all night. But have to be at least 50 feet from a “brick and mortar” eateries.

Currently: Food trucks have to remain 400 feet from residential.

Proposed: Reduces to 100 feet.

Currently: Trucks must secure a permit for each spot they visit.

Proposed: One permit could list all their locations. BUT, when they want to do a one-time gig somewhere, they must secure a separate permit.

C5’s Take — and a question for you, reader

Food trucks feel urban. We’re glad some of the rules are loosening up. Some of our faves: Sticks and Cones (you’ve got to try the salted caramel sundae), Tin Kitchen and Dan the Pig Man. Tweet us @Charlotte_Five and tell us your favorite food truck and why. We’ll report back with your picks.

Photo: Diedra Laird / Charlotte Observer