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It looks like something will finally be built on the Eastland Mall site

The city of Charlotte bought the Eastland Mall site for $13 million nearly four years ago. It demolished the mall a year later.

Since then, there’s been nothing but failed plans for how to replace it. A mixed-use development? Not enough interest. A movie studio? Nope.

Now, finally, it seems as if at least part of the site will get new life.

City Council will vote today on selling 11.4 acres to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools for $650,000 so it can build a K-8 language school on the northeast corner of the lot.

The school was approved as part of a 2013 bond referendum. It would house about 1,000 students and relieve crowding at Albemarle Road Elementary. The school would have a Spanish language immersion program, according to the city.

With this deal, CMS would pay the city $400,000 to design and build an extension of Hollyfield Drive, which would create better access to the school. It would also spend up to $488,300 for demolition work needed to clear the site.

An appraiser hired by the city said the 11.4 acres is worth $1.42 million. However, an appraiser hired by CMS said the land was worth only $638,400.

This isn’t exactly the transformative project that we all had in mind for Eastland, and there would still be nearly 70 acres of land available for redevelopment after the school is built.

But the city hopes it entices more development for what used to be the commercial hub of east Charlotte.

Photo: Grant Baldwin Photography