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Charlotte goes nutz for Fiber. 12 takeaways from Google’s press conference.

The Story:

Google and the City of Charlotte announced that we’re getting Google Fiber. Google Fiber is essentially a super fast internet. Google and the City sent invites out to reputable media companies, local bigwigs and CharlotteFive to attend a press conference.

12 takeaways from Google’s press conference (1pm yesterday):

(1) The press conference was hard to find. The invite said Discovery Place Educational Studio, but I went to the Discovery Place main entrance and felt dumb. Actual entrance:

google fiber press conference

(2) How will Google Fiber impact your life? Good question. Short answer: an additional fast internet provider means more competition and more competition means more value – lower prices and better service. Time Warner Cable and AT&T have already announced fancy, new services with cool names.

//><!--(3) Props to the Fiber brand team – media badge design looked pretty cool. I wore it home to impress my wife (she didn’t notice).//--><!

google fiber press conference badge

(4) Don’t they have to put cables in the ground or something? Won’t that construction be kind of painful? Yes. “It is going to be disruptive but hopefully we can build this type of network quickly, smoothly and efficiently and thus minimize that level of disruption” said Google Fiber GM Kevin Lo. This Observer story covers the possible disruption. Side note: Lo has Linkedin Premium, like a baller.


(5) There were no finger sandwiches or “appeteasers” at the press conference – only a single area with tea. Sure, it was 1pm, but I thought maybe some ham biscuits would have been a nice touch. Did I enjoy the tea? Yes. Lemon? Yes please.

google fiber press conference tea

(6) Mayor Clodfelter started things off with a “deflategate” joke that was decent. The paraphrased joke: “We’re here to announce the Seahawks deflated the football and the Panthers are moving on.” Joke grade: B-.


(7) Google Fiber has cool car wrappers. Also, I love how they define neighborhood clusters as “Fiberhoods.” I’m digging the language and graphics if you can’t tell already.

(8) Pamphlets and agenda were okay. Grade: B. Kind of a busy folder cover design in my opinion, but I liked the short agenda and green crown letter head.

google fiber press conference agenda

(9) The media loves Google Fiber. I’m pretty sure I was the only person with sneakers at the press conference – comfortable, stylish and internet-cool. My wife and sister in-law continue to tell me: “nobody over 30 can wear sneakers to work, you’re an idiot.”

google fiber press

google fiber sneakers

(10) How much will Google Fiber cost? Here is the pricing from Kansas City where Google Fiber has already launched (prices will be comparable):


(11) When will it be available for your house? It’s going to take a couple of years to build it out (construction could start this summer). Use this link to sign up for Google Fiber updates so that you can impress chicks.

(12) Press conference swag? Grade: C+. Sure, the water bottle is useful and well made, but I could have used a t-shirt instead of the Google Fiber Introduction Booklet.

google fiber water bottle charlotte

Photos: Google & Linkedin