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6 things to know about Charlotte’s BusinessWoman of the Year

The Story

Susan DeVore is Queens University of Charlotte’s 2014 BusinessWoman of the Year. She is CEO of Ballantyne-based Premiere Inc., a health solutions company.

6 fascinating facts about DeVore:

(1) A military brat, she lived in Alaska, Alabama during the civil rights movement and Germany.

(2) She has seven siblings.

(3) Received her bachelor’s degree from UNC Charlotte.

(4) In high school, she worked at a local hospital, writing procedure manuals for nurses. She was hooked on health care.

(5) Has been named to Modern Healthcare’s 100 Most Influential People in Healthcare and Top 25 Women in Healthcare lists.

(6)At a recent forum, DeVore shared this work faux pas: While a region leader for a  former employer, she created a spreadsheet assigning rankings to high- and low-performing workers. She accidentally sent an email sharing the spreadsheet to the whole company. An upset employee who received a 3 called her out. DeVore decided to call all 300 people with low rankings and talk with them about how to improve.

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C5’s Take

Bravo to a Charlotte 49er grad!

Photo: Diedra Laird / Charlotte Observer