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Should we buy Hillside Ave in Myers Park blew me away

I’m not a big Christmas light guy. I just think the effort to payoff ratio doesn’t compute. Which makes me sound like an idiot-grinch because nobody calculates effort:payoff ratios for Christmas lights.

Sunday night, I drove to Hillside Ave in Myers Park to see the Christmas lights that people won’t shut up about. Was I excited to drive there instead of watching NFL highlights? No, but I felt like I had to go and my baby boy just had a poopy diaper, so I also wanted to avoid the changing. I drove.


I turned onto Hillside from Selwyn. BOOM. The balls in trees hit me like a sack of potatoes across the face. It was honestly amazing. I don’t have a fancy camera, so my photos don’t even come close to doing this justice.

hillside ave christmas lights

This guy’s photo on twitter is much prettier than mine:

I drove down and checked out each individual house.

hillside ave charlotte nc

They even have a canned food drive that benefits Loaves & Fishes. That made me feel good too.

hillside lights christmas

How the heck do they get these Christmas light balls that high up in the trees? That is some serious effort.

high lights charlotte christmas

Looks like these are homemade chicken wire light balls. Again, that is a serious effort.

chicken wire hillside ave

I immediately had an entrepreneurial reaction. I thought:

(1) This looks awesome. Anyone that sees this is going to want balls in their trees.

(2) Getting balls into trees is a problem to be solved.

(3) Creating balls from chicken wire sounds like something people would pay to not have to do.

There is both a service and product opportunity here. So, I did what any reasonable person would do. I went to GoDaddy. Should we buy it? Who’s with me?

Photo: Google