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Grab a pint and make a craft with Crowned Sparrow

Earlier this year, I told myself I needed to find a creative outlet. So, I signed up for Pinterest and Googled art classes in Charlotte.

I had a hard time finding quick, simple art classes.

Then, I discovered Crowned Sparrow Co, a company owned by local entrepreneur Stephanie Newman.

Crowned Sparrow Co offers a craft workshop series called CraftxCraft. The idea is brilliantly simple: Grab a pint at a local brewery while Newman guides you through a simple craft.

A conversation with Newman:

What made you want to start your own company?

I wanted to do my own crafting business, a creative business, for several years now. … In January, I got laid off from the job I was working at so (I thought) “Alright, this is a sign.”

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When did you start crafting?

My mom was very hands-on. Whether it was elbow macaroni and popsicle sticks or paper and glue, we were always making something.

When you pick out projects for CraftxCraft parties, what is the main objective? 

Honestly, right now I am still figuring that out – in regards to what people want and defining what that is. Sometimes I see things that I think are cool but it makes me wonder if other people are going to want to do that, too.

So CraftxCraft is your first big series. Are you thinking of doing other types of series?

I want to see CraftxCraft grow because I think there can be such a market for it. First, I’d love to see it expand and grow to where we see these events sell out. If I’m doing them at least four times a month that would be amazing!

From there, I would love to do corporate crafting. It’s definitely a team-building opportunity.


What would you say to me as a potential CraftxCrafter?

To me, the best part of crafting isn’t so much the finished product as it is the fun you have while you’re doing it. Part of the fun of crafting is that if you make a mistake, let’s figure out how to turn it into something cool.

And don’t be afraid of it, especially (in) this kind of environment. I’m here. I’m there right by your side.

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Where you do you find inspiration when you craft for yourself?

I find inspiration everywhere. Pinterest is a great place to start if you don’t know how to craft, but I think on how to make those crafts and make them look more like me. How do I make that look more like my personality?

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Tell me a bit about the next CraftxCraft.

Note: The July 13 event at NoDa Brewing is, unfortunately, already sold out, but check out Crowned Sparrow’s website and various social media for future events.

The next craft, we’ll be making cheeseboards, but it’s got the chalk paint on it. Charcuterie — everyone is loving charcuterie right now. It’s a fun way for people to learn you don’t necessarily have to go to a store to buy something like that.

Acosta, Brigitte
Brigitte Acosta