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Fashion’s newest craze: mobile boutiques. CLT trucks to check out

I love shopping, but I don’t always love drowning in the randomness of Marshalls’ selection. H&M is a good time, but I once got into an altercation in the “Festival Wear” section with a girl over a kimono and it scarred me. (True story. Also, the kimono is now in my possession).

That’s why I’m very intrigued by the idea of fashion trucks.

Fashion trucks are just like your favorite food trucks, but instead of serving up burritos or burgers, they’re bringing you unique, reasonably-priced clothes in adorable boutiques on wheels.

Sound perfect? Here are a few Charlotte-area trucks to check out:

(1) Twisted Vintage

twisted vintage insta
What you’ll find:

Business partners Monica Superville and Jacquelyn Vaz rarely re-stock past items to ensure clients are always getting a unique buy.

“We offer classy, chic, contemporary clothing,” Superville said. “All of the items in the boutique are geared toward elevating your closet. Nothing is over $50.”

In addition to trendy women’s clothing, the truck also offers a small selection of kids’ items.

Where to find the truck:

Twisted Vintage appears all over Charlotte and the surrounding areas. You can also book private parties at your home, event or office.

(2) Dress Like a Girl

dress like a girl insta

What you’ll find:

Owner Tameka Marsh and her husband transformed a bread truck into the adorable boutique you see today, complete with full-length mirrors, great lighting and a dressing room. They’ve been in business for three months and offer everything from graphic tees to cocktail dresses.

As for the typical client? Marsh said the clientele encompasses everyone from college-aged women to “fancy grandmas.”

“Dress Like a Girl offers customers items that are inexpensive enough to replace often, but quality and classic enough to not have to do so,” Marsh said.

Where to find the truck:

Check the Dress Like a Girl website for a schedule of events, but the truck is regularly out at area festivals, Panthers games, and private parties.

(3) Curvaceous Closet


What you’ll find:

Carrying sizes 4-24, owner Carline Sitterud is proud that diverse groups of friends can enjoy a day of shopping together and everyone can walk away with something they love.

Her truck is filled with items from West Coast designers, as Sitterud is originally from Arizona. Though the pieces are unique, they’re also set at an affordable price point.

Where to find the truck:

Look for Curvaceous Closet at South End Saturdays on the first and third Saturday of the month. She’ll also be at the Charlotte Pride festival in August. Find other upcoming Curvaceous Closet dates on the truck’s website.

Other mobile boutiques to check out:

That’s not all, folks. If you still need to fix your fashion craving, check out The Sole Addiction, Kasa for eyewear and accessories, and Jordanos, among others.

Also, head to the next Fashion Truck Rally as part of South End Saturday on July 18 to get a first-hand look at Charlotte’s mobile fashion experience.

Lauren Levine
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