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#FollowFriday: @BrittBogues, CEO & Founder of @AllinPR

Little did I know when I met former Charlotte Hornet Muggsy Bogues‘ daughter, Brittney, at Just Fresh in Dilworth, that this is her favorite remote office spot. “I like it because of the convenience,” she told me. “A lot of the people I meet are uptown and I’m coming from south Charlotte … and they have WiFi.”

Exactly what she needs for her roles with AllinPR, a public relations company that Bogues incorporated in 2012 in D.C., before she brought it to Charlotte just under two years ago.


Meet: Brittney Bogues

Age: 28

Personal handle: @BrittBogues

Professional handle: @AllinPR

Hometown: Charlotte (but born in Baltimore)

Company focus: Strategic communication, event planning and career development for clients, which include corporations, nonprofits and lifestyle brands – specifically sports and food.

Now for the nitty gritty. Bogues was working as a freelance PR professional at the height of the recession and didn’t have a full-time job. I asked her why she took her next step.

Why did you found the AllinPR team?

“I decided I can do this on my own,” she said. “… I wanted to be the type of PR firm that you could get everything in one stop.”

As for the company name: “I put my all into everything I do.”

What is your goal for clients with PR?

“I’m trying to take their passion for their brand and expose it to their desired audience… We like to really get to know our client and show that we are just as passionate about their brand as we are about our own.”

Twist: Your dad was one of your first clients. How do you approach that working relationship?

Growing up, she said she saw a lot of athletes retire with no straight career path. “My whole idea was to help with post-career development as well as career development,” she said of her company, “and I use my dad as the perfect example. We keep him very active.”

Muggsy Bogues has stayed busy with his nonprofit Always Believe (launched in 2014), an appearance on the season seven premiere of “Royal Pains” and travel as an NBA ambassador. “We have a really good working relationship,” Brittney said.

Davie Hinshaw

Your clients include celebrity chef Melba Wilson and Carolina Panthers player Josh Norman. What do you like about this variety in clientele?

“The best thing about PR is everyone can use it,” she said. “All it is, is really listening to your audience and researching your audience and the best way they receive their information.”

What is your strength in the PR industry? 

“I’m really good at being a creative thinker… I think of ideas all the time. My dad always says you’re a dreamer or a doer. I think I’m a little bit of both. I dream but I’m all about execution.”

One social media tip for the rest of us?

“Especially if it’s a business versus an individual, your visuals are everything,” she said. “Also, listening to your audience, it’s not always about the likes, it’s about people engaging and becoming brand ambassadors.”


Photos courtesy of Brittney Bogues, Davie Hinshaw / Charlotte Observer

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