Stowaway cat gives pilot, passenger a jolt

Online Staff Report

A pilot in French Guiana and his passenger got a jolt when they realized a stowaway cat was hanging on for its life in their open-air plane.

Caught on video as the plane ascended, a cat appears from the wing, hanging on. The pilot and passenger decided against grabbing her, fearing she might jump. So the pilot quickly landed the plane.

“I was extremely surprised when I saw her,” pilot Romain Jantot, 28, told ABC News. “I think my reaction on the video speaks for itself.”

The cat was not harmed, and according to Jantot, just “ten minutes later, she had her nose in her food."

Jantot told ABC he is in training to become a professional helicopter pilot, and he practices at the “16-34 ULM Club,” where the cat is considered a mascot.

“She is going to be famous all over the world and she doesn't even have a name,” Jantot said of the feline, who goes by “Minou,” the French equivalent of “Kitty.”