Jewish Film Fest appreciates fans again

Ziggy Gruber (left) shops for his delicatessen at Acme Smoked Fish.
Ziggy Gruber (left) shops for his delicatessen at Acme Smoked Fish. Courtesy of “Deli Man”

Suppose you were holding a free day for all the folks who have supported the Charlotte Jewish Film Festival over the years. You were planning to offer three documentaries plus a tailgating festival connected to a movie about the Israeli Football League.

Could a little chicken soup help make things better? It couldn’t hurt.

So on July 19, the second annual CJFF Fan Appreciation Day will take place at Ballantyne Village. And yes, there will be a Chicken Soup Contest after a morning screening of “Deli Man,” judged by (among others) Ziggy Gruber, star of the film and owner of Kenny & Ziggy's New York Delicatessen in Houston.

Though tickets are free, you must reserve them by going to charlottejewishfilm.com and clicking on 2015 Fan Appreciation Day. The CJFF is compiling waiting lists at this point, so you may want to get on a mailing list for next year.

The other titles are “Above and Beyond,” about Jewish-American pilots who smuggled planes out of the United States and flew for Israel in its War of Independence, and “Touchdown Israel,” about the 500 players – Arabs, Christians, secular and Orthodox Jews – of the Israeli Football League.