Brotha Fred hitting the road for Chicago

One of Charlotte’s highest-profile media personalities is heading west.

Brotha Fred, who leads the morning show on WIBT-FM (96.1) and co-hosts "Fox News Edge" weeknights on WCCB (Fox Charlotte, Channel 18) with Morgan Fogarty, is moving to a Chicago top 40 station.

Brotha Fred, whose real name is Christopher Frederick, arrived in Charlotte in July 2006 from a station in Austin, Texas.

Frederick announced his new job on "Edge" Thursday night and said it would be his last appearance on the show. He will continue to be heard on WIBT-FM, where his show from Chicago will be simulcast.

In Chicago, Frederick will be based at WKSC-FM. Like WIBT-FM, it is owned by Clear Channel Radio, which is expected to make a formal announcement of the change Friday morning.

Joining him in Chicago will be comedian David L, who has been part of the WIBT-FM "AM Mayhem" crew. Angi Taylor, a Chicago radio personality, will be the third member of the team.

Frederick and company will shift the morning show base to Chicago on Jan. 3, continuing to do the Charlotte show from there. Then, on Jan. 17, the show will go live in Chicago.

Local inserts and content will be supplied for listeners in Charlotte and the two other cities the "AM Mayhem" show is syndicated to -- Greensboro and Chattanooga, Tenn.

"A lot of the content is universal," Frederick said.

Chicago is the nation's third-largest radio market by population, behind New York and Los Angeles. Charlotte is No. 24.

"I think it's a good opportunity and a great city," Frederick said.

"It's the Big Top. And I'm going to freeze my butt off."