Rock's 'Ride' radio station goes country ... for awhile

Some fans of the progressive rock/classic hits playlist of WXRC-FM ("The Ride" 95.7) were surprised Thursday morning to find country music on the frequency.

A malfunctioning component on the station's tower was to blame, said WXRC's owner Dave Lingafelt. It knocked the station off the air for nearly an hour, and the signal of country station WKML-FM from Lumberton, which occupies the same frequency, bled into the breach.

Lingafelt said he was fielding emails from listeners who feared the station had changed its format.

WXRC-FM switched to a backup transmitter on its 1,100-foot-tall antenna off N.C. 73 near Lincolnton and will be broadcasting at reduced power until the problem is fixed. Some people in fringe areas may notice the station's strength diminished, but most listeners in Charlotte should have no problem with reception, Lingafelt said.

He said he expects the main transmitter to be back in operation this weekend.