Grier’s morning: National TV, meeting with Stallone

By 9 a.m. Wednesday, Nash Grier had appeared on national television, made more Vine videos on the streets of New York City, reached 1.5 million followers and met Sylvester Stallone.

Not a bad start to the day for the video-producing sensation who also happens to be a sophomore at Davidson Day School.

Nash, 15, appeared shortly after 8:30 a.m. on ABC’s target="blank">“Good Morning America.” News anchor Josh Elliott interviewed the teen about his growing fame as a producer of the six-second Vine videos.

Later Wednesday, Nash and his sister Skylynn were scheduled to tape a segment for “Inside Edition.”

Nash said his fame exploded following an Observer story Monday. He flew to New York City on Tuesday morning with his mother, Elizabeth Grier-Floyd, and his sister Skylynn, the star of some of his videos.

At the start of the interview, Elliott told viewers Nash had reached 1.5 million followers, putting him close to 22nd place in the world, a spot now held by Harry Styles, the young British singer with the pop band One Direction.

“The process is different every time,” Nash said, when asked how he develops ideas for the videos. “The idea that just pops up in my head usually turns out good.”

ABC aired several videos Nash made earlier in the morning with people outside the network’s New York City studios.

Noting that actor Sylvester Stallone was standing nearby, awaiting an interview on an upcoming movie, Elliott decided to introduce Nash and Stallone.

After they shook hands, Stallone said, “This is a great idea. I could be on ‘Rocky 8,000,000’ by now. You just revived my career.”

The family is no stranger to publicity. Nash’s father, Chad Grier, is head coach at undefeated Davidson Day School. His brother Will is among the nation’s most heavily recruited quarterbacks.

Vine produces looping videos on an app powered by Twitter. It allows users to post videos, follow other users, “like” and forward videos, and comment on them. There are more than 40 million Vine users.

In one day earlier this week, Nash jumped three spots, to a ranking of 23rd in the world.