1980s soundtrack king Kenny Loggins talks about being cool again

From “Danny’s Song” to “Danger Zone,” Kenny Loggins and his music is suddenly everywhere – on FX’s “Archer,” where he voiced his animated self, Fox’s “Raising Hope” finale, and in Tuesday’s premiere of USA’s “Playing House.” But he’s not resting on his old catalog.

Loggins, who plays Belk Theater on Sunday (704-372-1000; blumenthalarts.org), has a new country trio, Blue Sky Riders, and is recording a third children’s record.

Q. Since this is a hits-based show, are you shaking it up with new versions?

A. I have versions that are slightly different. I never take the song so far that people go, “What song is this?” I was with a friend at a Bob Dylan show and she turned to me and said, “What song is this?” and I said, “I think it’s ‘Lay Lady Lay.’ ”

Q. That’s an interesting way to watch a show as an artist figuring out what you would do differently.

A. I’ve always tried to pay attention. One of the reasons I try to stay in shape is I went to a Crosby Stills and Nash show. CSN, CSNY and Buffalo Springfield (with his old partner Jim Messina) were big influences on my music in the ’70s. I went to a show and part of me wished I could’ve been back in time seeing them in their prime. I really want to keep in shape and my voice to keep working. I don’t want people say to say, “You should’ve seen him when he was 100 pounds lighter.” But it’s important if I have it within my control to give an audience what they came for and that’s to be transported in time. To feel that they’re back in their dorms or early married lives.

Q. People can’t hear “Footloose” without thinking of the movie. What songs are like that for you?

A. For me it’s “As Time Goes By” from “Casablanca” or “Top Hat,” Fred Astaire.

Q. You’re enjoying a resurgence through TV. What’s that like?

A. I seem to be on the radar, right? It makes me seem cool. I don’t know exactly what it means, but I like that it’s happening. Especially “Archer.” That has had repercussions in the 20-somethings. The sale of “Danger Zone” pennies has gone up. My hope is that they’ll give another listen to certain eras of my music or my new band, Blue Sky Riders.