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Photographer celebrates the (aging) female body in portraits shot over 25 years

Carolyn DeMeritt in Mexico.
Carolyn DeMeritt in Mexico.

Carolyn DeMeritt, fine art photographer and darkroom teacher at The Light Factory, has been taking photos of her friend and fellow artist, Pinky Bass, for a quarter of a century now. Almost by accident, she began to realize the series chronicled something rarely discussed – much less, honored – in our society.

“Guess what? We age,” is how DeMeritt jokingly put it.

DeMeritt_Tired, 2017.jpg
“Tired,” 2017, is part of Carolyn DeMeritt’s 25-years-and-counting series of portraits of Pinky Bass. Carolyn DeMeritt

DeMeritt_Aura, 2018.jpg
“Aura,” 2018, by Carolyn DeMeritt. Carolyn DeMeritt


A previous version of this story misstated Allen Blevins's job status. He is a former director of Bank of America’s art and heritage programs.

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