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Charlotte ‘Wanderwall’ listed in top 50 US public artworks created in 2018

The Public Arts Network Year in Review program just listed Charlotte’s “Wanderwall” as one of the top 50 U.S. public artworks created in 2018. The winning artworks were announced in June at the Americans for the Arts Annual Convention in Minneapolis.

To some, the “Wanderwall” art structure looks like oceans and continents. For others, it’s leaves and the sky. Some Charlotte bankers may even see a finance chart. It is one of the largest public artworks in Charlotte, along with “Ascendus” and “Metalmorphosis”.

Marc Fornes, an artist and architect based in Brooklyn, designed the art structure to cover 18,000 sq. ft. of a parking deck, apartment and Whole Foods complex at 400 E. Stonewall St., according to an Arts & Science Council news release. It’s made of blue-and-green-painted aluminum that measures an eighth of an inch thick.

A goal of the artwork was to “close the gap” that Interstate 277 causes between uptown Charlotte and South End, Crescent executives told The Observer in an October article.

While a parking garage would naturally cause more of a gap, now it acts as “a canvas for the innovative and visually stunning artwork,” the news release said.

Another benefit of the structure? Developers hoped it would attract more people to the Novel Stonewall Station complex, The Observer reported in October. For example, people could use the public art as a background for Instagram photos.

Completed in 2018, “Wanderwall” was a collaboration between Crescent Communities and the Arts & Science Council. The total budget for the project was over $1.4 million.

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