Anderson Cooper’s ‘most embarrassing moment’ just happened in Charlotte

Andy Cohen, left, and Anderson Cooper, center, appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert.
Andy Cohen, left, and Anderson Cooper, center, appear on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert. Screen grab from Twitter

CNN’s Anderson Cooper fessed up on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” this week about “the most embarrassing moment of my life,” and it happened right here in Charlotte.

Embarrassing, Cooper said to laughter from the audience, because he and pal Andy Cohen rang the doorbell at a “random house party” hosted by someone they didn’t know in “some random, anonymous apartment building in Charlotte. “

Earlier on June 15, Cooper and Cohen performed their “AC2: An Intimate Evening with Anderson Cooper & Andy Cohen” show at Belk Theater at Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in uptown Charlotte.

Cohen is in charge of choosing a place for the pair to go after each of their performances, Cooper told Colbert. They’ve been to 50 cities this year, Cohen said.

“It was our first house party,” Cohen told Colbert of the Charlotte apartment.

“This was the most embarrassing moment of my life,” Cooper said.

“We showed up at these guys’ house party,” Cohen said. “Someone had told me about this house party that sounded really fun.”

“Someone on Instagram had told him about some house party,” Cooper elaborated in a I-can’t-believe-he-did-this tone, drawing laughter from the audience.

“Someone you don’t know,” Colbert said in mock-seriousness.

“I mean, I knew him casually,” Cohen replied.

“Yeah, casually, on Instagram,” Cooper said skeptically, again cracking up the audience.

After showing up at the apartment door, Cooper said, “We’re like, ‘ding-dong,’” using a falsetto for “ding-dong.”

“How did it go?” Colbert asked.

“You know, how would you feel, you’re living in Charlotte and a White Walker walks into your house party?” Cooper said to more audience laughs.

White Walkers are the humanoid creatures from the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and the George R.R. Martin novel series “A Song of Ice and Fire.”

“And like, you know, the Jolly Rancher,” Cooper continued, referring to the animated character. He did not say which of the pair was the White Walker and the other Jolly Rancher.

“I had fun,” Cohen said, before Colbert abruptly switched to politics and Donald Trump.

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