Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson took on a bully at this Charlotte school in 3rd grade

Actor Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson tweeted to his 13.5 million followers on Friday about taking on a bully and having a crush on a girl named Eve as a third grader at Charlotte’s Montclaire Elementary School.

“I loved Montclaire Elementary!!” the 47-year-old action movie hero and “Baywatch” star tweeted.

“Had my first crush (see what you could’ve had Eve??!)” Johnson’s tweet continued, followed by a face-with-tears-of-joy emoji.

Johnson’s tweet then recalled how he “was bullied by a punk and waited for him after school and punched him in the face. End of that, bs.” Johnson added a grinning-face-with-smiling-eyes emoji .

Johnson’s comments came in a retweet of a video tweet by WCCB-TV personality Jon Wilson earlier Friday.

Wilson tweeted video of his visit to Montclaire Elementary on the final day of classes for Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Montclaire also is getting “a brand new school,” Wilson said.

Wilson was startled by the handwritten message on the school office window: “Did you know that The Rock came to Montclaire?’ the message read, with an arrow pointing down to a photo of Johnson in a class portrait. He’s in the middle back row.

“That is Dwayne. The Rock. Johnson,” Wilson tells the camera. “In third grade. Here in Charlotte, North Carolina. At Montclaire Elementary School.”

Wilson says in the video that he confirmed that Johnson was here “during the Ric Flair days,” as Johnson’s dad also was a pro wrestler. Johnson’s father, retired Canadian wrestler Rocky Johnson, won many National Wrestling Alliance championships in the 1970s.

Of Dwayne Johnson, Wilson asked Montclaire Elementary’s principal and assistant principal on Friday: “How awesome would it be to have him here to kind of maybe start tearing this building down?

“Oh, what a great way to use those muscles,” principal Leora Itzhaki quipped.

“So Dwayne, call us, OK?” Wilson said in the tweet, which had drawn 75,500 views by Saturday afternoon. “We’ll figure it out. We would love to have The Rock right here. Third grade. Charlotte elementary school.”

Johnson didn’t commit to an appearance in Friday’s tweet.

He started the tweet by commenting on his appearance in the class photo. “Wow check out my 8yr old AFRO!!” he wrote.

He ended the tweet with, “Big love to all the kids and staff. #CharlotteNC,” followed by a heart emoji.