Star Wars actor Mark Hamill crossed galaxies, but these NC exit signs baffled him

Actor Mark Hamill, who played Jedi hero Luke Skywalker in “Star Wars,” tweeted photos of two N.C. highway exit signs that completely perplexed him this week.

“Where am I going & what will I find...?” Hamill tweeted on Monday with photos of Interstate 85’s New Hope Road-Dallas exit sign and an I-26 sign in Hendersonville to the community of Bat Cave. “(I need to start paying more attention while driving).”

Hamill also voiced the “Joker” character in “Batman: The Animated Series” — Joker being the sworn enemy of Batman.

And New Hope apparently is a reference to the full title of the movie that started it all for Hamill and friends: “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope.”

Hamill, who has 3.2 million Twitter followers, did not say where he’d been or where he was headed — and if he was in the Charlotte area and Western North Carolina.

His tweet, which drew 24,700 likes, led to lots of wise cracks on social media, however.

“Oh no, the Joker knows where the Bat Cave is now,” Austen Beaver tweeted.

“Time to kill the bat,” joked Kevin Neville.

In a “Stars Wars” reference, Our State magazine staff tweeted: “Did you swing by iron station to pick up some power converters,” referring to the unincorporated Lincoln County community.

Referring to the sign to the Gaston County town of Dallas, Sean Danks asked: “What in God’s name are you doing in Texas.”

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