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Band video: Grown Up Avenger Stuff

Since forming in 2009, Charlotte’s Grown Up Avenger Stuff has become one of the strongest and unique live hard rock acts in the city.

The group is made up of father John Thomsen on guitar and sons Tyler and Hunter on drums and bass, respectively with Deirdre Kroener, a transplant from the Northwest on vocals. Pulling from an eclectic pool from classic to modern (imagine a female fronted band covering both the Who’s “Young Man’s Blues” and Rage Against the Machine), GUAS, as it’s abbreviated, is built on well-honed musicianship and chemistry. Kroener brings a gift for unique phrasing and vocal melodies with a dash of post riot grrrl feminism to the plate.

The long-awaited psychedelic inspired music video for the track “Pins” is from 2013’s “Sparkleton” EP. The band has toured nationally and plays the Chop Shop March 28.