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Composer Mike Brown is The Man from RavCon


A music video from The Man From RavCon.
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A music video from The Man From RavCon.

Composer Mike Brown (aka the Man from RavCon) released his latest collection of cinematic instrumental music earlier this year.

The song “Starlight” is taken from that album. What is striking about his latest record, “The Puzzle Master” is how it differs from 2013’s “Skyscraper.” He isn’t simply rehashing the same ideas. Brown’s records provide fine soundtracks for daydreaming your own mini movies and while “The Puzzle Master” draws on some of the same nostalgia as “Skyscraper” the images it triggers are different. That’s one thing that makes the Man From RavCon so interesting - there’s plenty of room for interpretation within the musical story Brown’s telling. “The Puzzle Master” seems to melodically deal in ideas of utopia and the dark underbelly that exists beneath it.

Brown and his wife Peggy create videos for many of his tracks from found footage and films that are available for use under public domain. There are several available on YouTube. Brown doesn’t perform the songs live preferring instead to focus on studio work, but “The Puzzle Master” is available on CD Baby, where you can preview the songs (, iTunes, Amazon, and at Manifest on South Blvd.

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