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Singer Patrick Davis pens tearful love song for SC

Singer-songwriter Patrick Davis
Singer-songwriter Patrick Davis

Country singer/songwriter Patrick Davis usually is whipping up quick songs in celebration of some of the his favorite things in South Carolina – Gamecock football, Gamecock baseball, – but, this time, it was different.

Davis, a native of Camden who lives in Nashville, was one of the millions who watched a horror unfold in the Palmetto State June 17, as nine were killed in Charleston, shot by an admitted racist.

In his grief, Davis pulled out his guitar and songbook.

On Sunday, Davis posted the song, “If It’s Love (Give Up the Hate”) – For South Carolina on You Tube. He shared the song on Twitter.

He wrote: “Late last Tuesday evening June 28th I sat down at my piano and started writing a melody and lyric that I soon realized was a letter to my beloved home state of South Carolina...”

In part, the song urges a change of heart of a state that has heart: “We are the children of the South, and of that we should be proud. But it’s time to grow up now.”

Part of the refrain says it all: “If it’s love that you want, you gotta give up the hate.”

Davis’s video is accompanied by the powerful images of the aftermath, all of its grief and hope.

Watch the video below. Having problems? Click here instead.