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Thief broke into 19 cars inside South End parking garage in one night

A bold Charlotte thief, or thieves, broke into 19 cars, all in the same South End apartment garage.

It reportedly happened at the "Colonial Reserve" apartments some time Saturday night.

“I mean, they ripped through everything,” said Emily Johnson, who’s now driving her truck without a window. “It’s just really shocking and it hurts that somebody would want to do that.”

The thief smashed into not only her window, but several others inside the garage. It is a crime that shocked many of those car owners, including Johnson.

“It’s a parking garage and you have to have a code to get in,” she added.

Johnson, who’s new in town, said she was pet-sitting for a friend at the time. She came out to the garage the next morning and found police.

“I see the glass all over the ground and my stomach just drops,” she recalls.

Officers reported more than $8,000 of stolen and damaged property. Johnson said that includes her camera and checkbook. Now, she has become extra cautious, looking into an alarm for her truck, and bringing all her belongings with her when she arrives at her destination.

“What if something else happens. I hate having that second thought in the back of my head," she said.

Money, purses, even computers were stolen from the complex within just a few hours, police say.

“I just hope that they catch the person,” Johnson said.

Johnson said she gave police the serial number for her camera. She is hoping that will help track down whoever did this.