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Watch the video here: Charlotte teacher gets national TV recognition for a cool idea

Last month, before the school year began at Waddell Language Academy in Charlotte, seventh-grade teacher Justin Parmenter did a cool thing. At the school’s open house, Parmenter asked parents to write their children “a note of encouragement that I can give them when they are having a hard day.”

We wrote about Parmenter and those notes on our pages last month. Other U.S. newspapers picked up the story, and teachers have responded from across the country. So did CBS This Morning, which sent a crew to Parmenter’s classroom this month. The segment ran Thursday in the 8:30 half hour.

“I’m still astounded by how much attention this activity got,” Parmenter told me. “But for me the best part about it is how many teachers I’ve heard from on Twitter who have put this into practice in their own classrooms.”

Here’s the segment in full: