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White woman accused of threatening black women in Charlotte is missing, police say

Charlotte woman is filmed yelling at two black women in a parking lot of a South Charlotte apartment complex

Susan Westwood is accused of making false claims on a 911 call and for threatening two African-American women.
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Susan Westwood is accused of making false claims on a 911 call and for threatening two African-American women.

A white woman accused of threatening two African-American women at a south Charlotte apartment complex is facing a new criminal charge this week but police say they can’t find her.

Police last week issued criminal summons for Susan Jane Westwood, 51, of Charlotte, accusing her of communicating threats and simple assault, public records show.

A viral video shows Westwood repeatedly asking a black neighbor why she’s there, adding “I’m white, I’m beautiful, I’m hot.”

Criminal charges are pending for the woman who is seen in this video assaulting two African-American women in a parking lot in Charlotte’s Myers Park neighborhood.

Now, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department says it will charge Westwood with misusing 911, after investigators discovered she called police and claimed the two women she harassed were faking car problems in the apartment parking lot. Police say Westwood also falsely claimed that people were gathered in the parking lot, attempting to break into nearby apartments.

Misuse of 911 is a misdemeanor offense in North Carolina.

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Police on Wednesday, though, said they can’t locate Westwood to serve the warrant. They’re asking anyone who has seen her to call 911.

Westwood’s tirade against the two women happened Oct. 19 but went viral after the women, who are sisters, decided to post video of the incident on Facebook a week later.

In the video, Westwood appears to engage the other women without provocation.

The two women are heard in the video asking her to leave them alone, and saying “you are harassing us.” But, Westwood continues to berate them and asks repeatedly “Do you live here?” After the two women walk away and one of them calls 911 to report harassment, Westwood yells at them from a distance: “Do I need to bring out my concealed weapon, too? This is North Carolina by the way.”

Around the same time, police say, Westwood was making her own call to 911.

When dispatch picked up Westwood’s call, a police officer was already enroute to investigate the call for harassment and assault.

Westwood complains on her 911 call that there are strangers in her apartment complex.

“They are actually people that I’ve never seen here before,” she said. “They are African-American.”

In the audio released by CMPD on Wednesday, Westwood doesn’t tell the dispatcher she approached the two women earlier, which is what led them to call police because they felt harassed and endangered.

The two women had been waiting in the parking lot of their apartment complex for AAA to fix their car. But, Westwood complains about them being there, saying “They’ve been hanging out here for awhile. And they’ve been photographing me ... But they’ve been going into that apartment. It’s just really strange.”

Then, she accuses the women of “trying to break into apartments” and “causing problems.”

When the dispatcher informs Westwood that a police officer is already on the way, she offers to “pay $2500 to get (the women) out of here,” saying “This is very strange for me, for this part of town.”

“If you want to know my personal opinion, there’s no car broken down,” Westwood says on the call. “Nobody breaks their car down in the best part of society ... Nobody breaks their car down here unless they are looking for money.”

After several minutes on the phone with Westwood, the dispatcher begins questioning why she’s calling 911.

“Do you know that they don’t belong there,” the dispatcher asks. “Do you know that they’re not visiting anybody out there?”

She responds: “Well I wouldn’t be able to know that but why would you photograph somebody. Just get them out of here!”

Then, the dispatcher informs Westwood that it’s not illegal for people to take photographs in a parking lot. He also tells her, “If they live there ... We can’t remove them from the property.”

Shortly after, the phone call ends.

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