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International Paper: Probably responsible for your first love note

Even with modern day technology, we’re pretty sure paper is responsible for lots of big life moments – spitballs, love notes, origami and keeping score.

Go ahead and thank International Paper, a global leader in packaging and paper manufacturing. IP does other cool things too – besides having a name you can shorten in just two letters:

– Paper makes you smarter – it’s true. In a recent study, students who took notes on paper vs. a computer device did better in a comprehension test. As the saying goes: Act as smart as you look – grab some paper.

– International Paper also has products that make eating and drinking on-the-go easy, fun, colorful, environmentally responsible and more challenging when it comes to how many ways you can spill coffee in your car.

– Papermaking is as old as the pyramids. Retro is in…and so is International Paper.

– Think large companies and the environment go together like mayonnaise and jelly? International Paper has been recognized as a leader working to improve energy efficiency.

– You’ve got to have goals to succeed and IP is no different. By 2020 they aim to be safer, more efficient and a leader in the industry. Here’s how they are going to do it.

Why not work for a place responsible for your first cup of coffee and notes from the tooth fairy? Here’s how:

Mechanical Maintenance Associate


This position is perfect for the professional looking to grow. Duties will include basic welding, replacing pumps and values, forklift operations, motor replacements and more. Candidates will have a high school diploma or GED, basic computer skills and the ability to function in a team environment.

One-year experience is required in certain job skill areas. You will also need one-year vocational/technical education. If you are ready to make a difference, International Paper is ready for you. Apply here.

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 Courtney McLaughlin