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Coffee, coffee and more coffee. Awake yet? Check out this deal!

It’s early. It’s the middle of the week and you’re dragging a little bit. Maybe you had a bit too much fun last night.

There’s one thing that could make it all better: Coffee.

HEX will be up and running this Saturday! Come out to @craftgrowlershop from 10-1 for some tasty Coffee, Beer, Cold Brew, and Waffles! // We’ll have this Ciriaco Quispe, Peru from @passengercoffee that we’re really excited about brewing for you all. A solid chocolate and caramel backbone with an extraordinary mango and pineapple juiciness not commonly found in coffees from Peru. Definitely not one to miss! // #HEXcoffee #coffee #passengercoffee #craft

A photo posted by HEX Coffee (@hexcoffee) on Jun 16, 2015 at 2:36pm PDT

We’ve got a deal for you: 

Fourteen of the Charlotte area’s most-loved coffee shops have teamed up to give coffee lovers a taste of the world’s most-popular “pick-me-up.”

Each coffee house brings its own flair to the coffee industry here in town. We’re talking:

All Nation’s Coffee, Cast Iron Waffles, Central Coffee, Charlie’s Coffee House, Crown Station, The Daily Press, Ellie’s Coffee Shop, FABO Coffee Art Bar, HEX Coffee, Julia’s Cafe and Books, LaVida Mocha, Rocky River Coffee, Sunflour Baking Company and Waterbean Coffee.

And with this deal, you could drink your coffee out of a sweet CharlotteFive mug! They haven’t even given Katie and Corey one of these yet, so you should really feel special.

How does it work? 

Sign-up on DealSaver to get your card for $20.

Visit each coffee house, get it signed, and mail it back in by Dec. 30 for a C5 travel mug!

At the coffee house you’ll get a delicious cup of coffee and a demo of what the shop does best.

The card expires Nov. 30.

Sip on this global beverage in all of Charlotte’s great neighborhoods, including South End, Plaza Midwood, Dilworth, and even Lake Norman and Monroe.

Increase your coffee knowledge — and your energy level — by purchasing this Coffee Card!