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Billboard near N.C. border suggests visitors ‘set your clock back 100 years’

Opponents of North Carolina’s newly passed LGBT law have put up a jarring billboard near the South Carolina border.

“Welcome to North Carolina,” the sign tells travelers, “due to our stance on LGBT rights, please set your clocks back 100 years.”

A small local paper, the Tryon Daily Bulletin, posted a photo of the billboard on Facebook that’s been shared more than 4,300 times.

While the billboard design mimics the typical “welcome” signs most states post at their borders, the location described by the Bulletin isn’t likely to be seen by many long-distance travelers.

The sign isn’t on a major highway. Instead, it’s several miles north of the South Carolina line on a two-lane road connecting the small towns of Tryon and Columbus.

A group called Planting Peace sponsored the billboard. “Our billboard is a reminder that laws such as HB2 move us backwards in the movement for equality and fundamental human rights for all,” the group said on its website. “It is also meant to show the LGBT community and North Carolina that advocacy groups such as Planting Peace and others are willing to fight.”