Tom the Turkey loves marshmallows

After spending nearly 16 years helping rehabilitate wildlife in New Jersey, Carol Failla was who neighbors called after finding two turkeys that had fallen out of a transport truck on their rural Monroe road. Both birds were badly injured, and despite Carol medicating and treating their open wounds, only the male survived. Now, Tom the lucky turkey spends his days riding in golf carts and eating mini marshmallows. Want to see Tom in action? Go to .

On the mend: A grandchild on the street gave Tom his name, once he was up walking and feeling better. He typically is too aloof to spend time with my chickens, but he realized I throw out mini marshmallows to them twice a day. He discovered he loves them, and I had to start feeding him separately because he was eating all the chickens’ marshmallows.

Mr. Personality: I’ve got 4 acres and a rescue horse, Sierra, and a goat, among other animals. I ride the golf cart out to the pasture to clean it, and Tom enjoys coming along for the ride. He originally got into the golf cart looking for marshmallows, and he’ll chase me if he feels I haven’t given him enough of his favorite snack. He talks a mile a minute and is a really comical guy.

New friends: Tom and Sierra have become unlikely companions. During the day he goes off on his own in the pasture, looking for bugs and crickets. But at night, they’re together and nine times out of 10, they’re together in the barn in the morning. Whether the horse is protecting him or he’s looking after the horse, they’ve bonded.

Forever family: Today, Tom is a healthy, very big turkey. His head and neck change color depending on his mood, going from pure white to royal blue and purple, then bright red. He talks to anyone who will listen and is now the supervisor of the barn. I’m looking for a female turkey to help keep him company. Until then, Tom is happy that he has a home where he will forever be safe and cared for.

Hilary Trenda



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