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Battle between the geese and farmer Dean. Who won?

Dean Mullis
Dean Mullis

Jenifer was off work last Thursday and Friday so she helped me in the greenhouse sowing a few thousand transplants.

Do I need 500-plus transplants of celery and celeriac? I don’t know; we will find out in four to five months.

Our five 4-foot by 8-foot raised beds beside the green house were dry enough to plant on Thursday so we decided to get at least a few of our 3,200 onion plants in the ground.

Friday, we were going to try and get the rest of the onions out in the field.

We filled up two 100-foot beds and were almost done when the geese, Frick and Frack, started pulling onion plants out of the ground just for the fun of it at the far end of the bed.

Levi ran them off with dirt clods and running full bore at them.

A few years ago, they used to chase Levi. Not anymore.

We are finishing up and see Frick and Frack back down at the field jerking up onions.

I was livid.

Jenifer said she thought I might actually kill them this time and for a couple of seconds, that was my intention. But I respect them. They are two of the most obnoxious creatures I have ever known. They hiss, honk and spread their wings if we get near “their barn.”

They do the same thing when we fill up their water tub or throw them some chicken feed. They immediately go into their hiss-honk-wing spread mode as if to say “get away from our water/feed you just gave us.”

Frick and Frack have only one redeeming quality. Protection. I think the local coyote and fox population is scared of them. And I pity the fool that decides to steal something out of our barn at 3 a.m. and those two come around the corner.

Dean Mullis writes from Laughing Owl Farm in Richfield;