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The backyard shed business is changing fast

Leonard Buildings, based in Mount Airy, is working hard to keep up with the changes in the shed business, said T.J. Glover, chief marketing officer.

Leonard is the most widely known of the companies that make prefabricated sheds that can be trucked in and deposited in backyards. But it’s almost in the middle of retooling business.

The business model is changing for two reasons: They’re not all factory built, and some are too big and fancy to truck.

“It’s a huge trend,” Glover said. “We are seeing a lot of our customers put them to unusual uses.”

Leonard, which operates 55 company-owned stores, is now sending employees to customers’ backyards to discuss personal options. That’s new. Custom porches and steep roofs made some sheds too wide and tall to transport, so the company has added a build-on-site program.

Allen Norwood