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Coming this summer: Redneck Prosciutto

Dean Mullis
Dean Mullis JEFF SINER --

Monday night, I was working at the barn and all of a sudden, this storm arose and it started pouring down.

We got 9/10ths of an inch. I had put out all the drip irrigation tape I had on hand and was actually looking at a website on my laptop at the barn wondering if I could order and spend $200 for a 7,000-foot roll of drip tape when it started raining.

My four week-plus broiler chicks, which we are running in a pasture pen along the driveway, have never seen rain. I went to check on them and they were huddled up under the feeder and I had to shoo them into their shelter.

I started the seven-day curing process of making my own bacon using a Splendid Table recipe that chef Ashley Boyd shared with me.

And I took a peek at a ham we cured 4-5 years ago but never smoked that is still in a cardboard box in our walk-in cooler. Yeah, it looks a little scary, but I am going to wire-brush the mold off of it sometime this summer and smoke it. Redneck Prosciutto.

Dean Mullis writes from Laughing Owl Farm in Richfield;