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Carport chicken checks out a hornets’ nest

We have been watching a hornets’ nest developing this summer in a crab apple tree at the front of our house. When I first noticed it, it was about the size of a baseball. Now, it is about the size of a soccer ball.

Probably not a good idea to have a hornets’ nest so close to the front entrance of our house, but I choose to be an organic vegetable farmer; what do I know about good ideas? ...

Thursday, two of the wild, carport chickens showed back up at the house; hiking over 200 yards across cattle pasture and woods to get back here from the new chicken wagon.

Friday evening around 8, I was getting in my truck to go to the barn to pack stuff up and get ready for the farmers market on Saturday and I see one of those chickens in the crab apple tree right next to the hornets’ nest. Her wings are flapping and she is dancing on the limb.

She then flies out of the tree and hits the ground running with a stream of hornets on her tail, and she’s running directly towards my truck... I am rolling up my windows as fast as I can.

I am only guessing but I think she thought the nest was another chicken in the tree and she was going to roost next to it. The nest does look like a very, very large barred rock sorta, from a distance, through chicken eyes...

Last I saw of her, she was over at the barn, looking somewhat shell-shocked, heading down the lane between the pastures, trying to figure out how to get back to that nice chicken wagon.

Dean Mullis writes from Laughing Owl Farm in Richfield.