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Dean Mullis: Owls do love their chicken heads

Dean Mullis
Dean Mullis JEFF SINER --

I lost one of our barred rock laying hens this week to an owl. How do I know it was an owl? Well, for some reason, owls only eat the head and leave the rest of the chicken alone.

All is ‘swale’ with fruit trees

We are going to be planting more fruit trees and bushes this fall and winter to diversify our farm. I am going to be buying trees, bushes and plants along with seeds to start a small nursery.

We are about 40 percent done redesigning our farm to capture more rainfall and runoff water. We have laid out the contour lines so we can start building swales this fall.

The fruit trees and bushes will be planted along the swales in plant guilds. Studying plant guilds has been blowing my mind, but in a good way.

Dean Mullis writes from Laughing Owl Farm in Richfield.